Tire Selection Long Term Update

At Arizona Dirt Bike and Oregon Motorcycle, we get to test the latest greatest tires under every condition mother nature throws at us. Over the last few years, we've had a plethora of new and excellent traction rear tires available, I'm going download our findings to you. Desert terrain; My favorite, Kenda Ibex. Not the most durable, but, it's abilities to gain traction is unmatched, period. The golden is a close 2nd. Most durable? Shinko Cheater 505. This tire in desert conditions will outshine everything else in durability, and traction. It's not as good in wet conditions though, as the knobs tend to close up when run in low pressure, under 5lbs. The Shinko 525 is too stiff for my liking. Wet conditions; Hands down, the Kenda Ibex was superior in all points when run under 5lbs. You can feel this tire grab traction in the slickest sickest mud. It just shoots [...]

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Ride 2019 KTM and Husky TPI

Here at Arizona Dirt Bike, we have the latest sleds from Austria. Don't dream anymore about riding them, make it a reality, that you've wanted to give yourself. Riding these bikes in the best winter terrain, dreams do come true. What are you waiting for, "Permission"?

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KTM 2019 TPI Tips

Really like the solid TPI throttle response, chrisp and clean everytime, except when you start the machine on cold mornings. Other posts I've read share a similar cold-start issue. I'm far from an expert on this new machine, honestly, I don't quite know what to do when it won't start, but, I have found one thing so far to share. Seems the vacume system on the new 2-stroke is very sensitive. One solution, make darn sure that the air filter is clean. A slightly dirty filter is enough of a change to keep it from starting, or fouling a plug. Cheers

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Safely training above your skill level

How to improve quickly, without injury, a dilema we all face if we are to up our game. Seek out a spot you can train, with a crutch. When I rode trials, I used to fill in big gaps with firewood. This took away the mental hesitation, and fear of failing, and going down hard. Do the manuever until you can pull it off in your sleep, then slowly remove the pieces of wood until the entire gap is exposed. With hillclimbs, find a spot with a safety net. Soft soil, is key. You're going to fall while learning steeps. Tease on the climb first. Do short run-ups until you know you can clean that stepup, root or rock ledge. Big logs, no problem. Bring out 2 pallets and place them on either side, to unlock your mental block, and go for it! Always use proper gear, and armor, nothing stops progress [...]

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Arizona 2018 Season Wrap-Up

Thanks to all the riders who braved the airports, highways, warm temps, and sunshine to come to Wickenburg and shred it up with me. We're back in the Northwest, where no-dust riding, is in full force!! Cheers Doug

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Welcome to Arizona Dirt Bike Rentals

First I'm stoked to have the best equipment here for you to rent and experience just how special the terrain is  in Arizona. We pride ourselves in offering the raddest, modded, KTM and Husqvarna sleds anywhere. These bikes make any rider a hero, no matter what the skill level, you will be hooked! The weather is always perfect so " what are you waiting for permission?

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