How to improve quickly, without injury, a dilema we all face if we are to up our game. Seek out a spot you can train, with a crutch. When I rode trials, I used to fill in big gaps with firewood. This took away the mental hesitation, and fear of failing, and going down hard. Do the manuever until you can pull it off in your sleep, then slowly remove the pieces of wood until the entire gap is exposed. With hillclimbs, find a spot with a safety net. Soft soil, is key. You’re going to fall while learning steeps. Tease on the climb first. Do short run-ups until you know you can clean that stepup, root or rock ledge. Big logs, no problem. Bring out 2 pallets and place them on either side, to unlock your mental block, and go for it! Always use proper gear, and armor, nothing stops progress like an injury.Cheers.