At Arizona Dirt Bike and Oregon Motorcycle, we get to test the latest greatest tires under every condition mother nature throws at us. Over the last few years, we’ve had a plethora of new and excellent traction rear tires available, I’m going download our findings to you. Desert terrain; My favorite, Kenda Ibex. Not the most durable, but, it’s abilities to gain traction is unmatched, period. The golden is a close 2nd. Most durable? Shinko Cheater 505. This tire in desert conditions will outshine everything else in durability, and traction. It’s not as good in wet conditions though, as the knobs tend to close up when run in low pressure, under 5lbs. The Shinko 525 is too stiff for my liking.

Wet conditions; Hands down, the Kenda Ibex was superior in all points when run under 5lbs. You can feel this tire grab traction in the slickest sickest mud. It just shoots you foreward when it hooks up. I liked the golden when it is fresh, but it wears poorly. I get @ three good rides from it, vs @ 10 good hard rides on the Ibex. Tubliss brings out the best of all these setups. Easy to plug if you flat, makes this my go-to setup. Cheers